What Makes A New Song A Hit?

What makes a new song a hit? Try seeing if it got a lot of views on YouTube when it got uploaded there. The song must be on the artist’s official account as there could be a ton of copycat accounts. In addition, better see the number of downloads it got on iTunes. It is the new software where artists upload their music. Also, better check if there are a lot of people who play it on Spotify, an app where people play music for free. It is the latest option for people to play music as purchasing an artist’s latest album has become all but obsolete due to the recent advancements in technology. Another way to find out whether a song is a hit or not is when a lot of people make covers of it. Just search the song plus cover on YouTube and you will see the number of artists who made a cover out of it. If there are a lot, then you know it is a certified hit. After all, they would not be singing it if they did not think it was that good. You know it is a big deal when other popular artists sing it. When they choose to sing a song, they know they are going to get a lot of hits like that. Yes, there is a reason why they choose the songs they sing. They don’t just choose any random song to sing as they want to get a lot of views too so that their popularity would increase.

One way to see if a new song is such a hit is when movies want it for their official soundtrack. There are some producers that are always looking for songs that fit their next movie’s theme. If the new song is selected, you know the producers assume a lot of people would not mind hearing it. As a result, it will become even more popular and may even help with the popularity of the movie. Another way a new song is a nice hit is when a lot of people request for it on the radio, A DJ will usually play a song and it can get a lot of requests if a lot of people like it. It is pretty easy to make requests nowadays as you can just message the DJ on social media and the person will immediately play on the song. Furthermore, they will base their weekly countdowns on the songs that a lot of people request for. When you see a new hit appear on the countdown, it means a lot of people have requested for it, Some people like new songs based on the beat while other people would prefer it because of the message it sends. It would be better if it is a combination of both because you know even more people would like it. It would lead to the song getting played a lot more often than everyone originally thought.

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