Can You Really Make It As A Full-Time DJ?

There are a lot of DJs who quit their full-time job to become a DJ. When you have the passion to play songs and entertain people, this is one job you should consider getting. The first thing that you need would be for a lot of people to hire you. You will definitely not make it as a DJ when nobody is hiring you. Hence, better start doing it part-time first before doing it full-time. Better test it for a few months and see if you can get the hang of it. You know you would not get immediate success if nobody knows who you are. It is important to make a name for yourself immediately. Try joining Facebook groups where people look for DJs. Keep in mind that there is a lot of competition for any role so better be alert. The first thing you must do is to subscribe to that Facebook group so that their posts would immediately pop up in your feed. When you finally get a DJ gig, be sure to impress all the people who hired you. Of course, better do a great job assembling past and present songs as that would go a long way in making all the attendees at the event very happy. When you did a great job, there is a strong chance for the people who hired you will hire you again for future events. They may even recommend you to other people who need DJs in other events and the rest is history.

Since there is a worldwide pandemic, we can’t do anything about the fact that we can’t go to live events. We must all stay at home to help prevent the spread of the virus. Thus, DJs must prepare for supplying music via group video chats. Your sound system at home should be working at full force. One benefit of staying at home is that there is no need to travel to faraway places anymore. Some clients would hire DJs based on location and that is out of the way as they would certainly base it on quality right now. Another way to make it would be to keep yourself updated with all the latest songs. You must download all the songs and see if they are a good fit with the playlists that you are trying to create. Yes, it is important to make playlists for each type of crowd. Some people may like a different set of songs while other people may prefer other songs. It would be best to play songs that you appreciate so that you are also dancing to the beats. After all, it would be awesome for you to give the crowd tons of good vibes. A simple nodding of your head to your own beat will certainly set the tone for the night. It will get them in the mood to dance the night away until they get tired of doing so. When they get tired, you know you did a great job.

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