How To Keep Your Dog Quiet While Recording Your Music

If you are a musician as well as a dog owner then you will have to take a few careful steps to keep your dog quiet while recording your music. Some of these steps are briefly discussed hereunder to help you.


To reduce the sensitivity of your dog to noises like your music you should start with sounds at a very low volume. For this purpose, you can use the sounds of downloaded MP3 or from your recording device. You should ensure that your pet remains relaxed and calm when you play any kind of music. It can be loud for him if he does not feel relaxed and calm with it but if he is relaxed and calm with it then you should appreciate a gift of snacks of his choice. You can also play with your dog while playing music if he is drive by toys or attention. In this way, you can choose any kind of music or sound that keeps your dog happy. You can repeat this process until he starts ignoring these sounds.

Now you can gradually increase the level of volume to the level you have at the time of recording your music and train him to be lesser sensitive to such sounds. In this way, one day you can be able to keep your dog quiet while recording your music.


Most of the dogs like to remain away from loud sounds like the sound of firecrackers etc. In such a situation many pet owners keep their pets in a closet, basement, or the quietest room. They provide them everything they are comfortable with, in that room like something to do, their familiar crate and bed, some snacks like canned food, peanut butter, or something soft frozen solid to keep their pets engaged during their stay away from loud sounds. It will not stress your dog if the things you have provided him entertain him. So, while recording your music you can also try to keep your dog in a quiet room to keep him quiet during your recording session.


There are various types of devices like bark collars and thunder shirts etc. which can help in controlling various types of anxieties of the dogs.

  • A bark collar is a kind of collar that can be used on dogs to calm them if they tend to bark excessively. There are benefits to using bark collars as they are designed to reinforce the behavior of barking in a negative manner. With time your dog can avoid the behavior of barking while you are recording your music.
  • Thunder shirt is another device that can help you in calming the anxieties if your dog. But before using them your dog must be used to wear garments with tight-fitting. This shirt can reduce the anxiety and stress of your dog by applying pressure on the core of his body.

Thus by taking some careful steps you can easily keep your dog quiet while recording your music.

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