How To Get Your Music On The Radio

Getting promoted on the big radio stations is not the best option in the beginning

The first step in learning how to promote my music on the radio is to understand that even though trying to project it on the big radio stations can be seen as the first step in the task of promoting it, it is not the most advisable.

For you to start a first contact with the radios you will need to present yourself as a professional, that is, have a well-organized promotional material. I say this, because the radio stations have an artistic sector to validate the artist in their grid before formalizing the commercial agreement. They value the quality and relevance of the music that they broadcast to their audiences, so if you are already known and have an audience on social media, it facilitates credibility to establish partnerships.

Thus, having big radios as a starting point is a mistake. You need to do groundwork first, or else the chance will be small to stand out and the investment will be very high.

If you’ve done the groundwork, then it’s time to start at the best starting point, your region.

How to promote my music on regional radio

First of all, for you to launch yourself on big radio, you must do your homework. Like? Well, researching already in your city and region where you live, as this is an excellent way to start a relationship, launch yourself and have regional visibility first, and after that, look for national prominence.

This type of strategy is as if the artist is doing his work in a spiral form. It starts at home and, thus, you have the possibility to measure and even adjust your work to launch yourself to new and bigger challenges.

Remember that many singers grew up first achieving great success in their regions and only after being consolidated, did they expand.

Use a progressive strategy

In order for you to reach a prominent place in the regional scenario, growing up to conquer national projections is necessary to start small, or invest fortunes without guarantees that they will have a return for you.

Having the ability to get my music out on the radio without doing outreach work reduces your chances of success.

Maintaining a focus on social media and building a meaningful audience are fundamental points to obtain a projection bridge for the largest radio stations and to be able to achieve their goals.

How artists monitor their music played on the radio

To be an expert on how to promote my music on the radio it is also important to learn how artists monitor their music played on the radio. For this there are resources that help to develop dissemination actions. Want to see which ones?

There are monitoring services on the market, which help to monitor the dissemination of the works of the artist who contracted the dissemination in that media.

This feature is very important to be able to effectively monitor the execution and return of the work done.