Wordsmith – The Vintage Vault Mixtape

*Wordsmith* is ready to unlock his vault of vintage music for the world to hear. Consisting of tracks that has been locked up since 2003, Word is giving away the last of his old material in the ’00. With sponsorship
from *Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes*, *Refined Hype*, *DJ Booth* and *Frostwire*, the music will be reaching audiences in the US and abroad equally.

Mixed/blended by *Nu Revolution* DeeJay’s *DJ Ykcor* & *DJ Nominal*, UK mixtape master *DJ Ames* lends some overseas flavor by hosting, with production from *Strada*, *Professa*, *Capish*,* Street Level* and UK producer *Stealf*. The mixtape features include *Kontact *& *Black Knight*, *Soulstice, Junclassic, Cyrano, Whitefolkz, RAtheMC*, *Braille, Sir Aah, Laelo Hood* and more, plus UK MC’s *Manny Mascow* and *Genesis Elijah*.

01.)* Wordsmith x DJ Ykcor x DJ Ames Intro
02.)* Coming Of Age *(Produced By Professa)
03.)* Leap Of Faith *(Produced By J. Stillton)
04.)* Great Escape *(feat. Black Knight & Kontact) (Produced By Capish)
05.)* Ladder Of Success (Remix) *(feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Junclassic,
RatheMC & Soulstice) (Produced By Street Level)
06.)* The Making Of Senor Wordsmith *(Produced By Strada)
07.)* An Indecent Time *(feat. Siyam & Augustus the Mac) (Produced By Siyam)
08.)* Slanguistics* (Produced By Strada)
09.)* Coming For The Top Spot *(feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Cyrano,
Braille, Gripz, Laelo Hood, Lef, Steadfast, E-Major, Sir Aah, Genesis
Elijah, Manny Moscow & Junclassic) (Produced By Stealf)
10.)* The Daily Word 2006-2009 Edition *(Produced By Capish & WDZ)
11.)* March Madness *(Produced By Strada)
12.)* Space Age Rock* (Produced By Strada)
13.) *Special Request *(feat. Kimia Collins) (Produced By Rednaz Beats)
14.)* International Incense *(feat. Kontact & Black Knight, Whitefolkz &
Manny Moscow) (Produced By Cash Flow)
15.)* Dreamchild* (Produced By Professa)

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