Review: NatStar – ANATYMOUS

I’ve heard this album 100 times and I’m still soaking it up like a sponge. I’ve wanted to write about it, but I want what I write about it to do it justice.

Look at the album cover. It’s simple…black and white. It’s complicated…it’s a silhouette outlined in a question mark.
ANATYMOUS, a play on NatStar and anonymous. What a great album title. Because to me, this artist is NATSTAR!!!!! To you, he may be GnatStar?!?!? Who,what?

Look I could rant how he has videos with 100 views or how a few have 100,000s or that one that hit 1,000,000 views. But at the end of the day he isn’t on your radio…not yet anyways.

After many listens to this album we finally get an answer to “Who is NatStar?”. The man behind so many great songs is coming out in the spotlight. The rapper, the singer, the producer, the songwriter, the progressive thinking entrepreneur, the clothing line owner…etc. It all shows how he has matured on this album.

One second before I get into the songs… THIS MAN RELEASED AN ALBUM AS AN APP! okay cool…Jay-Z did that… but not like this…not on his own, not like this! It’s a clean presentation of music, videos, lyrics and more!

Track one comes in… its angry, he is angry. He is calling others out for saying they don’t want the fame….NatStar wants the money, power, respect he feels he deserves for all the studio nights spent alone rapping better bars than most.
He is angry at all those “migo flows” doing it to sell and ball out when he puts his heart & soul and most importantly TIME & effort into music just to remain anatymous.
NatStar is giving a great plea to why he should no longer remain there as he ends the song with vocal effects, harmonizing on all his late nights spent grinding and zoning.

Track two….

This beat took time, that’s obvious. It’s polarizing. Enessa’s vocals are appealing, they hit you in your bones.
A few lines to explain this song, “loosen up, shoe strings all I do is do things he money hustle, move past the struggle”
“Pawn work ethic with a king mind”

The hook can be placed into any action film and fit right in. “We are all just unborn kings, ruler, rulers of the unseen”. Enessa just made a name for herself with these vocals.

It really is playing roulette to step in NatStar’s path to glory right now…a gamble I’m not willing to take. This song is perfection.

Track 3…

Grammar and NatStar have this natural bond. If you haven’t heard it yet…go download 2KNGZ. If you want it, go get it don’t wait on Hollywood….because in the end Hollywood is going to chop your head off anyways. This is another track filled with anger as motivation.

A perfectly placed Dave Chappelle speech at the end of this one.

Track 4…

Body to body I body you all. Lol this track really is too cold. NatStar doesn’t give a damn if another emcee is hot…he is the MF 23.

When you got it,flaunt it. That’s exactly what NatStar is doing on this track. Boasting his ability to rap and produce. This is his anthem.

Track 5

Where did he find Keith Murray?
These two blend well together on the track. It’s probably my least favorite on the album as it doesn’t offer much thought outside of they know they are talented and they are going to show out whenever they feel like it. NatStar’s singing in the beginning will get your head nodding right away though.

Track 6… In one word? VIBES.
You’ll lose yourself in this song. NatStar has one of his best flows ever in this song then CHAI TULANI comes in. Oh my. CHILL WORTHY. Google him, find out about this kid before he is everyone’s favorite so you can say “I knew him first” with no guilt.

It’s really hard to not rewind this song and play it over and over…

Track 7, NatStar is effortlessly riding over this beat rhyming is ass off. On the hook..he switches it up and Ooo’s you with his vocals. “Oh na na na na” you’ll be singing it, trust me.

Kick back to this track. Get up and dance to this track. Roll the windows down and sing to this track. Really all it is acceptable. The most mainstream track on the album but certainly not out of place. This is a well-constructed song.

Track 8, the title gives it all away GIMME. The entire song has an effect on his vocals and it fits perfectly. NatStar is Aggressive as ever on this one. Production is some of his finest work too.

Track 9- PSA
NatStar grabs his entourage to drop a few bars. It’s laid back, chill..etc. These guys are cool as a fall breeze.

Track 10.
I don’t even smoke but this SmokeOut track bangs. The ending is beautiful.

Track 11 – GW3
Good weed, white wine…it’s a grown man track. NatStar has some friends dropping a few laid back verses.

Track 12 – NatStar calmly comes in over Kanye’s real friends beat. He has this sincerity in his voice, it makes the song even more relatable. Discusses how some people come and go in your life and they aren’t really your friend. But in the second verse…it’s a tear jerker as Nat flips the song to being about his real friend…his daddy. This explains why he was being so sincere and calm in his voice. John P Kee ends the song talking greatly about Nats father.

Track 13, there really was no coming back (emotion wise) from the last track so it makes since NatStar tones it down with an r&b track. It serves as a reminder at how great this mans voice is when he decides to sing and break it down. He is spilling out his heart on this one. Enessa jumps in on the hook just to make things even more heartfelt.

TL;DR VERSION – go download the app and listen to one of my favorite albums of 2016, you won’t regret it.

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