Dana Coppafeel – Coppa’s Welfare Foods

Dana Coppafeel – Coppa’s Welfare Foods

Coppa finally releases his first solo effort, *Coppa’s Welfare Foods*, an album that truly showcases the smooth and effortless style that he has maintained for over a decade.

Taking the buzz he received from being a part of 4 tracks on the HipHopDX.com sponsored mixtape, *Yo! MKE Raps*, Dana plans to make sure that his name is once again associated with the best that rep for the underground and unforgettable to those who come across him.

1.A Trip To Coppa’s 00:52
2.Another One 02:27
3.Chemistry w/ Godfree, Signif, and I. Not Poetic 03:08
4.Damage w/ Gambit 02:50
5.H.O.Me 02:14
6.Here’s My Demo 00:10
7.Blast Off w/ Alias, and Al Pete 03:08
8.How’s My Demo? 00:20
9.Keep The Motor Runnin’ w/ Shemp, and Kid Millions 02:19
10.Fart Rap 01:36
11.Welfare Foods w/ A.P.R.I.M.E. 02:24
12.Yeah, Yeah, Yeah 02:04
13.I See Now w/ Michael Mic Check 03:46
14.Day & Age w/ Smooth, Gambit, Godfree, and A.P.R.I.M.E. 03:15
15.Wake’em Up w/ Blue Collar 02:58
16.Emergency w/ Phantom Channel 04:05
17.Do It Again (Goodbye) 02:22

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  1. ChrisConsin
    February 26, 2010 at 5:46 pm #

    This album is really dope! Very talented emcee with solid production, definitely worth the coppage (no pun intended).

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